Adrian Bedoy

Creativity for people who love their company!

Adrian Bedoy is the creative mind for companies that love their corporate identity and wish to maintain it throughout all their communicative activities. Adrian is a photographer and videographer from Germany with a background of professional work for companies, arts and agencies.

His background

After his bachelor in Journalism and Economics he started his career as communication expert for an industrial company with 120.000 employees. He then moved on to the Philharmonic Concert Hall in Essen, Germany - accounting for PR and Marketing during the first three years after its launch. His price-winning campaigns opened his way to the most creative agency in the world, Jung von Matt. As Senior PR Representative he was responsible for the PR of well-known companies such as Mercedes-Benz or Ferrero.

He decided to transfer his experiences into freelance work in 2008. Since then he has been working for companies such as L'Oréal, Shiseido, Sony, Evonik Industries and many more ... companies which love and live their corporate identity.

His approach

Adrian Bedoy's USP is his creative thinking that always strives towards finding an individual and tailor-made solution. The combination of his outstanding knowledge in PR and marketing as well as the selection of static and moving pictures is the key that leads to corporate success.


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